Ricardo Ocaña

Grenade (Spain), 1970

PhD in Mathematics (University of Barcelona) and Master in Photographic Creation (Pompeu Fabra University and Elisava, Barcelona). His interest in the image as an artistic expression led him to delve deeper into current aesthetic manifestations, completing the Specialization Program in 21st Century Art - Postcontemporary, Emerging and Digital Art at the Instituto Superior de Arte (Art & Culture Business School, Madrid). His works are related to the visual exploration of the physical world and the use of photography as a means of metaphysical reflection. He is interested in the symbiosis between art and mathematics, the abstract image and the analysis of new creative methods in visual art. He has participated in different artistic exhibitions and is the author of articles related to the thinking of photography and the use of the image in contemporary society.


Grenade (Spain), 2018

«The distance between them is to be measured not in terms of the relative force or originality of their work, but in terms of their conceptions of what a photograph is: is it a mirror, reflecting a portrait of the artist who made it, or a window, through which one might better know the world?»

John Szarkowski, 1978 (Mirrors and windows: American photography since 1960, p. 25)

Espentana is an exhibition space, whose name comes from the union of the Spanish words "espejo" (mirror) and "ventana" (window)

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