Metaphysics: study of being, its existence and its cause. It is a subtle way of thinking about the world and the knowledge obtained after observing it.

My projects are related to the visual exploration of the physical world and the use of photography as a means of metaphysical reflection for a more conscious and profound understanding of reality. The creation of each work is based on three fundamental axes: the symbiosis between mathematics and photography, the abstract image and the investigation of new creative methods.

My passion is the visual art and my vocation is the creation of images, as well as communication through them. I use everyday experiences as a starting point, abstracting the main subject from their environment to focus attention on details that would go unnoticed in their original context. By experimenting with random processes, I explore accidental and unexpected forms that sometimes resemble figurative recreations. With a conceptual approach, I formalize the process of conscious composition that is behind each work. The resulting images refer to dream worlds, with a narrative that is constructed and deconstructed in each viewing, in the sense that both the meaning of the abstract image and the possible interpretation change for each person.

Under a continuous update in creative methods, I carry out works related to exhibition projects related to visual art. In them, science, music, cinema and literature contribute in an eclectic way to each new creation.

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