The consensus factory

The consensus factory

The project reflects on the symbiosis between economic power, the body politic and the media to fabricate ideological stories that allow social control.

Seven images symbolize the G7 countries (United States, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Canada). The size is proportional to the Gross Domestic Product of the country.

The green color of the background represents economic power, which supports the political power symbolized by blue of their suits. In turn, this dictates the thinking that must alienate people through repetitive and unanimous messages broadcast by the media, represented by the rectangular shapes of newspapers and television screens. These forms contain an amalgamation of the front pages of the most important newspapers in that country for the same day. The sound is the superimposition of the voices of the news presenters of the most important channels of each one of the countries. Like the television commercials, the work lasts 30 seconds with the purpose of suggesting an ideological advertisement of the political and economic powers through the media.

The result is a visual metaphor about the saturation of tendentious information at the service of power, the impossibility of the receiver to differentiate a true news from a false one and the difficulty of being correctly documented in a globalized information society. The work claims objective and impartial information, without political or economic influence.

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